Monday, December 6, 2010

*Gasp!* I've been TAGGED!

So, I will respond. And why are my letters so darn BOLD?? It's not on bold, stop being bold!

Anywhoo. Ignoring the over bold-when-not-supposed-to-be-bold-letters.

Apple juice or orange juice? Orange juice. Just because. (just a side note, the letters are back to normal)

What was your favorite childhood television program? I remember loving the Tellitubbies. And Inspector Gadget.

Are you a collector of anything? Stickers. I like stickers, I don't know why. Most likely because of Uncle Gordy and his letters saying I should stick them on Daniel's head while he's sleeping.

What is usually your first thought when you wake up? "Dangit, where'd the night go?" I dunno, "Nenum nemom.. *stretch*"?

What do you think about right before you go to sleep at night? "Why can't I fall asleep as fast as Spongebob?"

What is your favorite color? Blue, green, and red. Blue more so.

Have any bad habits? I bite my nails, and chew the inside of my mouth. And lips. I chew my lips.

Are you a mostly clean or messy person? Um.... Sometimes mostly clean other times messy.

What is your favorite song at the moment? I don't know. I like a lot of songs.

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Um, watch a movie with da' people..

What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Dance.

Any hidden talents? a great screamer when I see a spider. Does that count?

What would be your dream job? I have no clue.

Name one thing that not many people know about you? I randomly dance on a Sunday afternoon.

If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to? Why would I have to change my name? Did that no good police man steal my licence? Who am I now?

What is your favorite pizza topping? I'd say pepperoni.

What songs do you most often sing in the shower? Anything random that pops into my head. "Oh I got soap in my eye, whoa whoa whoa! It hurts like the BLAZES...."

What is your favorite Christmas movie? How the Grinch stole Christmas.

Do you cry at movies? Depends on what movie. "Oh LASSIE!! You're so heroic!! *sob sob*"

Do you play an instrument? Is french-fries and idea? I mean, yes. The piano.

What music are you listening to right now? TV. A movie. "Knight and Day."

What was the last good movie the you watched? Um, "Knight and Day".

What were you doing at midnight last night? Oh, you know, playing a jig on the piano while everyone else was grabbing their shotguns.. S-L-E-E-P-I-N-G.

What was the last thing that you dreamed about that you remember? Elena found a rat in the barn and thought it was funny to shove it in my face while I screamed. The rat tried to BITE me. It was evil. But Elena liked it 'cause she thought it was SugarBob. And then it jumped into the horse's water and was swimming. I tried to drown in, but it bit me so I ran to Elena and complain and she was heart broken because she had to get rid of it. But, I made the point to her that it'd eat the baby chicks, and so...I woke up. Not the best dream.

So there you go, Savannah. YAY FOR ME!! *high fives*



I'm done.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Okay, I just published "Yay!" as a blog post. Not much 'yay' there.
And it's not a very enthusiastic <--I just totally spelt that right- 'yay' either.
Although the exclamation point suggests otherwise.

Darn you, ever so happy exclamation point who laughs in my face because your oh-so very exclamation-y and I'm not.

Because I'm tired.

See there? I didn't put an exclamation point. I put a period.

Period is my friend.

He gets to the point.

He ends.

Exclamation point doesn't.

But period understands.


I'm tired.

I can't believe I'm still typing properly. Without my head falling on the keyboard which would look like this. asdlj'.,';lwpodlakjfwoiea,/

I'm tired because of two reasons.

1. For four days I didn't get to sleep because of a stupid cold.
My nose was both runny, and stuffed. I couldn't suck in and I couldn't blow out, but man it was running like crazy!

2. Work.
I had to get up at five after going to bed a 9:30-ish, then got home late and got to bed late. Then I got up at seven for piano lessons.

That night I also went to bed late, and got up at five again. And that sleep I had that night was the BEST! Then last night I went to bed...I don't know what time. I had a good sleep, but was woken up at eight-ish because I was supposed to go help a curtain sister move far far away.

Now here I am.


And blogging of all things to do.

And listening to the Star Wars theme song.

(BA...DA...Na na na NA na, na na na NA nuh, Ba nuh na naa..)

I'd post pictures but I don't want to.

I'm not even writing about anything interesting.

But...*yawn* I'm.. okay..


Good night.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Em-min-Emma is 7!

*gasp* *dies*

It's really kind of insane. Really. Just a little bit.

When Emma was little, she was always on my hip or with me doing something. If Heather came to our house holding Emma, Emma would lean over to me.
I played barbies with Emma and Becky (still do sometimes).

One of my most refreshed memories of her is when she was... maybe three-ish to four.
It was co-op, and lunch time.

Emma was already at the table, Becky beside her.

I grabbed my food and went to find a place to sit.

I heard Emma screaming my name, and waving franticly.


Flattered, I walked over and sat down.

As I moved my chair forward a bit, I heard Emma again.
This time though, she said my name so quiet.

I looked over at her, and her face was soooo solemn.

"Tiana," she whispered, "You're sitting beside me."

Happy birthday, Emma! :D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crazy biker guy.

Okay, sooo.... once again something has happened that I meant to write a blog about but I was not able to get on the computer. Sigh!

(Go to Elena's blog for her part of the story)

So I think I'll write about it now.

A crazy biker-man tried to see if he could go through the truck. He found out he couldn't.

I"ll start at the beginning...

*creepy voice* Once upon a time....muahahahahaha!!! (No. I'm not that crazy :D )

After finishing yet another store in pressure-washing, Jay and I were happily driving out of the dock and to the road.

I was checking off a tick on an envelope while announcing we only had such and such stores to do.

I hear Jay suddenly go, "Uuuhh.." so I look up.

The truck was stopped, it's lights flashing, and Dad was walking around twirling his mustache.
Dad walked up to us and Jay asked what had happened, and Dad said,

"A biker hit us. We'll be here for a while."

So Jay parked, and I hopped out of the small truck, and ran to the big truck. I jumped on the stairs by the truck window.

"What happen?" I asked.

Apparently I caught Elena off guard 'cause she jumped. I laughed at her of course.

"A biker hit us." She said, ignoring my laughing.

"What?? How? What an idiot!" I said. Not loudly, but quietly.

Elena shushed me and pointed to the guy.

He had grey hair, some crooked teeth, and a big nose. He was about fifty something.

He was talking to some other dude on the sidewalk, waving his hands in our direction.

I burst out laughing.

Now, anyone who knows Elena and I will know we tease back and forth, and entertain each other in our doing so. And normally anyone who knows us wouldn't care.

As I said, I burst out laughing and began to make up a story of the stupid biker man.

I pretended I was on a bike, saying, "I THINK I can, I THINK I can, I THINK I can, I THINK I can!!! I'M INVINCIBLE!!! *Wham!* Ow.. I thought I could!!"

It made Elena laugh, and me laugh.

"What an idiot!" I whispered again. (Yes, I'm that evil)

"Shhhh!" Elena said.

I of course didn't 'sh' and went on teasing quietly. "He ruined our truck! WAAHH! Look at that dent!" There was no dent, but I'm sure you figured that out.

Suddenly I saw a red punch-buggy. I hollered at Jay, "Hey Jay! I see a punch buggy, but since you didn't see it, it doesn't count!!"

Jay said, "Whatever!"

And Elena and I began talking about punch buggies and how I was winning. Then I saw yet another red punch buggy. This one was coming our way.

"Hey Jay!" I yelled. "Punch buggy red! HAHA!"

He stuck his tongue out.

Then Elena and I began talking about traffic.

Then the cops got here.

I suddenly fell quiet.

And Elena suddenly had a bunch of jokes to crack about the biker, and I began to franticly shush her!

We both fell quiet and listened to the coppers and the dudemanwhothoughthecouldgothroughtrucksbutfiguredouthecan'tandsoheblamesDad.

"Sir, are you hurt?" The tall black cop asked.

I didn't hear what he answered, but Elena and I heard,
"And those two have been hurling insults at me!"

Elena and I looked at each other with one eyebrow raised and mouthed "What??"

But ya' know what? The cops didn't even look around. They both dismissed the comment and asked what happened.

Dad came up to me and said I should go to Jay.
I did.
He followed.

"So, you guys and head on over to Metro and start the bread." He told Jay.

Jay said yep, and we were on our way.

On the way, I was beginning to feel rage, and my stomach was churning. I ranted to Jay. I don't remember what I said, but I remember talking reeeeally fast and my voice rose up to a shriek.

I don't know why, but sometimes when I'm mad and ranting my voices gets really high.

Jay didn't say anything about it though.

"And, do you know what?" He ranted to me, "Before the cops came he was stomping around angrily, and when the got there he held his back and limped!
And do you know what else? When the cops got there he was like,
'Oooh, I'm not gonna go near him!' Yeah, because I'm gonna hop out of the truck and beat you up right in front of two cops!"

We pulled into the parking lot of out next store. I felt sick.

We went into the store to do the bread, which means that rotten or expired bread is thrown in a bin, still in packages. So, we have to go and pick up the bread and take it out of the package and throw just the bread in a bin so cows can eat it.

Normally there's three bins full of packaged bread, but not that day. Thirteen packages, maybe less. It went quickly.

When we were done, I went to sit in the truck, because we can't pressure wash the bins until they're empty.

Suddenly the big truck pulls into the parking lot, and comes to the dock. When Dad was parked, I hopped up to his window.

"So?" I asked.

"He can't press charges." Dad said, "Or else we could charge him for driving on the sidewalk, which is illegal."

I felt better, and I went to help Elena dump the bins.
We joked about the guy happily there.

*creepy voice* And so, in the end, the biker figured out he's an idiot....muahahahahaha!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little late..

..But still, I have a fine excuse! I haven't been on the computer in FOREVAH!!





In honour of their birthdays, I'll write about what I did with them when we were little.


I don't remember why, but he and I were doing something we apparently needed aprons for.

I was about six-ish, and he was about three-ish.
We had hunted everywhere for aprons, and then I found two.

I somehow managed to "tie" them on us both, and as we were on our way downstairs, Critter asked, "What are these things called?"

I had absolutely no idea.

But I couldn't tell him that!

I was the big sister!

I had to know these things.

I racked my brain trying to think of a name for them.

" They're called aprons!" I said.

Satisfied, he went downstairs with me behind him.


for a while it didn't cross my mind again until I saw Linda putting an apron on.

"What are those called?" I asked.

Without really thinking about the answer she replied, "Aprons."

I was shocked.

I didn't lie.

I didn't have to confess to Christopher I had no clue what they were called.

I was still the big sister who knew it all!

Now I have told him about that day when we were little, and we both laughed.

I had invented a word that was the real name for aprons! I"m a genius!

Matthew and Heidi:

They were little, and big. Little enough that they still could sit in a car seat, big enough that they could eat baby cereal.

Whenever Rachel came over with them, I was always there with them. Begging to hold one and such.

One day she was over I volunteered to feed them.

So, while I was getting their cereal ready I gave them a rice cake.

As I walked to them, they saw the cereal. They stopped eating the rice cakes and began demanding rice cereal.

I picked up the rice cakes and handed them back to Matthew and Heidi.

"No." I said in a stern manner, "You must finish your rice cakes first, and THEN you get the cereal!"

I heard Rachel laugh behind me, so I turned. She was watching me.

I had no clue what on earth she was laughing about, so I just went back to taking care of the twins.

They obeyed and ate their rice cakes, now and then demanding some cereal, but I never gave them some until the rice cakes were gone. :)

Christopher is now eleven, Matthew and Heidi are three. Where did the time go?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As most of you know, we kill our own chickens.

It's not really fun. (Big shocker there, eh?)

Especially my job.
I have to hold the chicken as the ax comes down.

No matter what.

After the ax does its job, the chicken will wildly flap and kick.

It's not fun to hold a dead, bloody, flapping chicken.

As the chicken flaps, bloods shoots out from where the head used to be.


And everywhere.

On ME!

Not fun.

Yesterday was one of those days.

The chicken spurted blood ALL OVER ME!!

My pants, my face, my arms, and my feet.

I stood there in shock as I looked at myself.

I sighed, because, really, what could I do about it?

("DARN CHICKEN! I'M GONNA KILL YO.....oh...wait....") No.

As I shuddered in disgust, I hear Christopher's voice.

Now, listen..or read... Critter has one of the easiest jobs.
All he has to do is hold the rope that is around the chicken's head as the ax comes down.
Then he has to put the head in a bucket. That's it. So simple.

While I'm there dripping with blood, I hear him say,

"EW! GROSS! I got some blood on me!"

I look to see.

One dot.


One tiny dot on his pants.

"Weeeeelll now! That's just to baaAad!" I said.

He looked at me.

His face looked hilarious.

I continued to tease. "It's so sad you ruined your pants with that speck."

I walked away to get the next chicken, while Linda was laughing.

20 more chickens to do.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy belated birthday, Linda!!

Yes, I know yesterday was her real birthday, but I couldn't go on the computer to write anything!!

This is about the only picture I could fund of us together. That's sad.

Feel the love.

Did you wish her a happy birthday? If you didn't...

...she'll stalk you!
Happy (belated) birthday Linda! :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Just a quick note, that title has absolutely nothing to do with the post.

Okay, so..

Today I realized how silly I am!

When I make tea, I always squeeze out the teabag because I like my tea to be tea and not coloured water.

But I never use a spoon to do it.

I use my fingers.

I grab the super hot teabag out of the cup and begin to squeeze it with my middle finger and my second finger.

I then yelp in pain because poor little fingers don't always like to be pressed on a boiling hot teabag.

As I flinch, I transfer the bag from on hand to the other, then I squeeze with my middle finger and thumb on that side.

After doing that I wait a second for the heat to wear off.

..then I do it with my thumbs and second fingers on both hands!!

Then I throw the used teabag out and shake my hands.

I sigh happily as if that stuff never happened, then I take my tea, and drink happily.

(But, for some strange reason, I never do it to Dad's tea or anyone else's. Only mine.)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ookay, so I admit...

I'm an awful blogger. :P

I have nothing to write, really. I'm boring. Very boring.

And yet you're still reading. Hum.

I had some fun with Micheal-man today. The day before yesterday was his birthday, he turned 6. *face screws up trying to make brain compute*

I was teasing him today, saying he turned 5.

"Well!" I said happily to him in the kitchen, "Aren't you glad you turned five?"

"No, I turned 6." He calmly said.

"You...turned...5." I said, acting confused.


"OH! -five?"

"No, six."

"You mean you'll be six next year." I said, nodding my head.

"Si-ix." Micheal said in a sing song voice.



"OH! I get it! You'!"

"*Sigh* Six."

I turned to Adeena. "Micheal's seven, right?" I asked.

"No, he's five." Adeena said, giving a look that said 'doesn't everybody know that?'

"See? Told ya'. Five." I said triumphantly.


"You're mom said you're five."

"I turned SIX."

"Oh oh oh oh!!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Music has been played in Walkerton.

And it was played well, I might add.

We got there and my stomach was doing somersaults inside me.

Linda and Mom went out to the car to get something, and I huddled with Critter.
'People everywhere...'

Mom and Linda got back, and we went to the main room. We found a bench, and sat down.

Critter had to go and sit in the very front, on the right. On the left there was a piano.

My leg was bouncing like crazy. My heart was pounding, I was so nervous.

Finally Critter was called to play. My heart jumped for him. I chewed my lip as he announced his piece.


Christopher is done!!

One by one the others went.

The judicature was so nice. I felt more relaxed while he was judging them. He made everyone laugh.

He said some of the kids had hands like brooms, when you want to have your hand like a mop.

He said, if you break a window, you can't fix it. When you miss a note, don't go back.

Finally he was giving the third place paper, the second..and....

Christopher got FIRST!

I was so happy!

He came back and sat down. One minute later, my class was up.

Bam. My calmness was gone. My heart pounded again.

I sat in the number five place, even though I was number four, because someone didn't show.

A girl named Lisa sat on my right, and a girl named Emily sat on my left.

The first person was up.

Then the second.

Then Emily.

She came and sat down again, and I thought, 'That was a cool song.'

I gasped silently as I realized, I am next.

I stared at the woman who would tell me it was my turn.

'Oop, I'm staring..' I thought, and looked in front of me.

Slowly, I turned my eyes back to her.
She saw me staring.

I quickly looked at the ground.

I once again looked at her.

She saw.

I pretended I didn't stare.

I looked at my hands, and looked at my feet, and..I looked at the woman.

"Okay Tiana."

My heart jumped into my mouth. It was my turn.

I got up, and walked to the stage.

"I'm going to play the Sonatina in G-major by Beethoven, the second Movement."

My hands were shaking as I sat down.

Breathe in and breathe out.

And I began to play.

Going good so far..

OH NO! Missed that note. Don't stop though.

Uh oh. I slowed down way to much there.. no.. no.. no.. But I can't stop.

Yeah! I got that part right!


Get up.

Go bow.

Sit down.

Emily whispered "Good job."

I whispered "Thanks, and I liked that song you played. I thought it was cool."


Lisa's turn.

She's done.

Wait some more.

And the judicature came up.

He said again that we had to have loose hands.

He said to some that you shouldn't play forte too loud. But it depends on the song. He told me I shouldn't slow down too soon. I was kicking myself because I knew I did slow down.

Then, just like before, he started with third place.

I can't remember who got what.

Second place.

I held my breath...


My smile was hard to contain as I walked back to Mom.

Then Mom got pictures with us and the judicature, and we left for Linda's recital.

We got there and sat down, Critter and I feeling a lot more relived.

I was still nervous for Linda though.

After two people had gone, Linda's class was up.

Linda was the second person to go.

She walked up and announced her piece and sat down at the brand new grand piano and played.


She was done.

She didn't mess up.

The others went, and then the judicature came.

He talked to everyone.

Then, he gave the third place away.

It wasn't Linda.

Second away.

Not Linda.

Hold your breath...


She got her picture taken with her judicature, and then we left.

We got pickles before we went home because we were hungry.

We had three pickles each. Yammay.

Then we stopped at Mrs. Lear's.

We made her guess our scores, then we showed her.

She was quite happy with us.

And, after getting pictures with her, we left for home.


that was what happened in Walkerton.

That's a lot of stress off.

But then, I still have a recital to go to, and then an exam. *Siiiiigh.*

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's happened...

This morning the old, rotten, grub-filled tree has been brought down.

I can see the field!!

We got up this morning to move things out of the way for a truck. Sifto was out, and so was Hunny. The truck rolled into view, so we popped Hunny in the house. Sifto was by the tree in question.

I got the chicken's eggs as the truck backed up toward the tree. It was red, and quite big. It had a 'cherry picker', which is the basket that lifted them up.

I put the eggs in the fridge, and Elena and I ran to our room where we got the full view. The two men were lifted up. They started with the branches on the bottom, which were small. Slowly they worked their way up the tree.

All the while Elena and I were giggling with each other as the third branch fell.

"Well, there goes Sifto's first life."

I counted the seconds it took for the branches to fall. Some were only two, some three. I don't think it took longer than that.

I liked when the bigger branches fell. It was cooler to see.

Another branch, and another.

"Tee hee hee... Sifto was just about to get out too.."

Soon it was a naked tree. No branches, nothin'. It looked very sad.

Mr. Chainsaw-Man began working on the trunk.

He got one chunk off, then was working on another. He stopped a moment, and pushed the top. The whole tree shook.

Mr. Chainsaw-Man turned to Mr. Chopper-Man and said something. Mr.Chopper-Man nodded and then grabbed a rope.

"Hey! They're practicing their lassoing!" I said happily.

Mr. Chainsaw-Man and the other got slowly to the ground. They tied the cable onto the truck.

Mr.Chopper-Man went into the truck, and Mr.Chainsaw-Man went to the tree. He began sawing the tree. He cut a small chunk out of it. Mr.Chopper-Man inched a little forward.

The tree went CRACK! and it fell.


Well, now we have the tree laying on the ground surrounded by branches. It's fun to climb. So the tree's gone. And I'm happy.

...oh, and Sifto was out of the way the whole time. But as soon as the tree was on the ground, he jumped on it. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yet again...

I think the title says a lot.

Today Elena, Critter and I had another tea. Everything was going fine, but then we got talking of something hilarious that happened it Church.

Elena spewed. Critter was killing himself laughing. I was too.

We calm down enough to take another sip of tea.

This time Elena said something funny.

I burst out laughing.

But, unlike Elena, I don't get it on anyone.

I lean over and get it on the floor. And a little on Elena's chair.

*snort, cough, snort* Then we calm down again.

Elena takes another sip.

I say something.


Retry. Elena calms down, she takes a sip...


Not always on me. Only a little got on me.

Well, Elena calms down again. I stop laughing and calm down. Critter stops laughing and calms down.

Deep breath.


Elena lifts the mug and....

I say it again. Something funny.

I'm covered. Elena grabs a cloth (we always have one handy) and starts wiping up the mess. Killing herself laughing. I was laughing so hard.

But I shouldn't have been laughing because I sucked tea the wrong way.

I was half coughing half laughing. Elena is laughing so hard she flops on the table.

....spilling my tea all over me.

We laugh harder.

I choke, "I can't BREATHE!" And that was apparently funny 'cause we laughed harder because of it.

So, in the end I had to change my clothes. Linda's a witness to how wet I was.

I love our tea parties. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heidi is so cute.

The other day when the Bell's were over, Trenton was sick.

And, I was talking to Heidi happily on the couch. We had a real conversation!

Me- "Hello, Heidi. How are you?"

Her- "Goooood."

Me- "Where's Trenton?"

Her- "He's at home. He's sick. His belly hurts. And his head hurts."

Me- "Oh?"

Her- "Yea. He was crying. He's sick."

Me- "Oh. That's too bad."

Her- "Yeah, he had to go to bed. I said good night. He's sleeping."

Me- "You're right."

Her- "Yeah. He's sick."

And then we watched SpongeBob.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm going to need an umbrella.

Ya' know what stinks?

Getting spewed in the face with tea.

Ya' know what double stinks?

Getting spewed in the face with food!

Oh yes.

It's not fun.

At all.

Elena (of course!) and I were on our way upstairs.

We were happily talking to each other at the sink getting a drink.

We also both had a piece of pork.

Elena ate hers quick, and I was just drinking my water.

With food in her mouth, Elena took a sip of water.

And of course just at that moment I say something she found amusing.

Thar' she blows..uh..again.. mateys!

Some landed in my water. Some landed on my arm, some landed on my small piece of pork.

I stood there. No emotions showing on my face, and Elena is killing her self laughing.

I say a simple, "Ooh dear.." Giving Elena a fresh burst of laughter.

I'm going to have to change my blog name to "Tea On My Face". *Siiiiigh*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I think the teapot is empty..

Well, that's as much as I can remember from being little. Those were the best tea parties ever.

Elena and Christopher and I don't usually have them any more. With the fancy cups or the teapot or the milk holder. We have tea together though.

I would say to Elena 'Come sit with me,' and that meant 'Grab a tea and come talk at the kitchen table or in the living room.' And Critter tags along to see the fun.

There's a lot of tea spewing. I can keep it in the mouth, Elena, well, can't. Just when she takes a gulp I say something, which, I might add, is not one bit funny, and BAM!
Thar she blows, matey! I always get my full share of tea even if I don't have my own tea.


We have tea at the table a lot. Every morning, mostly. Or in the afternoon when we're not busy.

We don't always chat. We play games. Sometimes we use English accents -mostly me-
or be someone crazy-usually Elena-
Christopher just sits and laughs, sometimes adding in a comment.

We've done this in front of the nieces and nephews before.

(....And they repeated some of the funny things we said over and over and over and over...)

I had a 'tea party' the other day with Stewart and Emma and Ava. I sat and poured tea, the kids drank. It wasn't really a party.

Well, there.

There's lots more where those come from, but I can't remember any right now.

Final words,

I love tea.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ahem, now to continue the story of tea:

Now Christopher was big enough not to spill his tea. He could join Elena and I.
Trenton too, 'cause it wasn't fair if Elena got a husband and I didn't. Of course, the two boys did it gladly. All they had to do was dress up in a suit, -mostly an old coat, or shirt- and a tie, -one of dad's clean black socks,- a hat,- a cap, anything really.- And sip tea. The girl's made it all.

We had pleasant conversations. About the latest news.

"OH! Did you hear? A boy was taken by a bear!"

"Yes, I heard. Recently he's been found though. Perfectly fine."

"You don't say!"

You know, that kind of stuff.

Of course then Christopher would say something silly, like,

"He turned into a bear, I heard!"
And Elena and I would say that that was impossible, and to drink your tea and use your napkin!

Critter only talked if we asked him a question, and said something that was about him after that.

By now we're evil to each other. >:)
Elena went away, so I put salt in her tea. I went away, Elena put pepper in mine. That kind of stuff.



Sometimes I had tea parties with my doll's and stuffed animal's. They didn't like tea, though. Nor the snacks I made. Where's Elena when you need her? Maybe Christopher? Trenton?

And then Becky and Emma came.

I mostly was the ones dressing them up, and getting everything prepared. Elena got the boys ready if they wanted to play, but the usually just played lego with Elena.

It was so much fun with Emma and Becky! Still is, when I do give in to their pleas and say "Go ask Granny!"

They make up cute little stories and copy what I say.

Me- "Oh, and yesterday my son got married."

Becky- "Mine too."

Emma- "My son's gonna get married, but not yet."

Becky- "Yeah, my other kid is going to get married soon."

Me- "And my daughter recently gave birth."

Emma- "Me too. My daughter did too."

Becky- "Yeah."


That's how it is when I played barbies with them too. :D

Well, that's it for now. I'll write another post about tea soon. Really. I will.

Monday, March 22, 2010

One lump, or two?

Well, I've come to the conclusion that my blog is called "Tea On a Roof", but how many posts' have I made about me drinking tea?
So, because of this realization, I will write about my tea drinking life. I have no clue how long this post'll be. Just sayin'.

The word 'tea' was never complete without the word 'party' for me.

There was nothing I loved to do more than beg Mom for a tea-party.

Of course, you can't have a tea party without people. Elena here we come.

Somebody big would have to get the tea pot down, the milk holder, and the sugar cup.

Next was the asking of using the ever-so-special tea cups. "Only if you're extra extra careful" was the reply we normally got.

I'd grab my all time favorite, the one that still is my all time favorite, and Elena would grab hers.

We'd have to have a snack to go with it, of course. Cheese, apples, anything we could grab and convince mom we needed.

We would need a tablecloth, and a fancy thing right in the center. Mostly fake flowers in a vase.

One more major detail, out clothes.

We HAD to dress up. It was special. Sheets, pillow cases, mom's shoes, and ta-da! You're a fancy lady wearing a million dollar dress.

We're ready!

I still remember the two BEST tea parties ever!

Linda, Daniel, and Patrick were our waiters and waitress. They did what ever Elena and Critter and I told them to.

I think Christopher had 9 cups of tea, I had about 12, and Elena had about 14.

We could order tea, and coffee. We also had lunch to go with it. Linda and Dan and Patrick would call us Ma'am, and Sir.

"I'll have another cup of...hummm.. coffee please."

"Right away ma'am."

It was awesome!

Also another time, Dan and Pat joined us!

Daniel was my husband, Patrick was Elena's.

They dressed up, drank tea with us, and ate with us.

The best part, Mom played music and we danced! It was the best ever!

Well, that's one post. I'll write another post about tea too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I hope this'll be longer than my other post..

We have a copy of "The Wizard of Oz" upstairs.
I like that story.
There's a dog, a lion, a tin-man, and a scarecrow. Oh, and of course Dorothy.

But, there's something wrong with it.... the last two pages are missing. You're reading it, and just as it's nearly to the happy ending-- Well...

The last words are, "'Good gracious!' She cried".

That's it.


You don't know whether or not she lives. You know everyone else lives happily ever after, but what about Dorothy and Toto?

"'Good gracious!' She cried as she realized that the shoes didn't work."

"'Good gracious' She cried"?? And..?

" they all died"?

" she realized that the lion was really a man-eater waiting for the right moment. The lion then ate everyone and lived happily ever after."?

What happens?!?!

I'm dying to know the ending!

"..And woke up. She knew now that it had just been a dream. She is really Nancy Drew solving a mystery about cupcakes. The End."

We need a new copy.

"Dorothy closed her eyes. She tapped her heels together three times. Suddenly she was twirling fast with Toto. 'Good gracious!' She cried.".......


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm out of tea bags!!!


We're out of regular tea! And I'm stumped of what to write about in a blog. That's kind of funny.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I can't wait 'till spring!

Today it almost smelt spring-y.

I love the smell. That fresh, clean, happy smell.

I love the look. When the grass is green, the trees are getting their leaves, and the flowers are first appearing.

Spring will be here soon. So very, very soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bubble bath babes.

Heather was gone to take Nathan to hockey. The big people were watching a movie, and Elena was playing with Quinlan and Critter, so I was left with the two girls.

Ava wanted a bubble bath, and, figuring it would keep her mind off of her mother, I gave her one.

( She's quite happy to have a beard :P )

She had four toys. That ninja turtle, the Barbie, and two boats.

She dunked the Barbie and ninja turtle under the bubbles, swooshed them around a bit, and then brought them back up.

She squealed because they had soap on them. So I showed her the -much ignored- boats. I showed her that you can fill 'em up with water, and then dump it onto the Barbie and Ninja.


It washes off! I invented a new game! I'm a genius!

I wanted her to get her hair wet, so I tried to trick her into doing it.
"Ava, are you dumping water on their heads?" I asked.

"Yess." She said, not even looking up from her task.

"What about you? Can you dump water on your head?"

"No." She said, quite firmly, too.

"Why not?" I asked, wanting to know what she'd say.


And that was it. She dropped the subject. I got her hair wet by brushing it, though.

Of course Emma had to be there. Before I started the bath she was trying to convince me she needed to have a bath, too.
But she wasn't done her food.
She posed for this. Before she was in her blue sweater. She said, "Wait!" and quickly threw it off. "Get me now!" she said.
She didn't smile, though.
I have a picture of us three wearing 'beards'. But, Daniel doesn't want me to upload anymore pictures. >:l

Even though Emma and I weren't in the bath, we had fun!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another post about cats

Sifto is a great animal. I must say.

I love that cat.


Why is it that cats are attracted to a place they're forbidden?


Today Ava wanted a bath.

I gave her one. (of course! :D)

Suddenly I hear a scratch, then a shuffle, then another scratch.

I sag, knowing were that cat is.

I go to the left hand sink and open up the door.

There's his paw, and there's his face.

"Siiiiiiffffttooooo!" I call sweetly. I didn't want him crawling up anywhere.
'Okay, his head is there, I can get him through.' I thought.

I grabbed him. And he pulled away. For a minute I just held his scruff, and he just stood still, gently pulling against me.

Finally I let go. I didn't want to hurt him.

I ran out to the kitchen and grabbed a pan full of hamburger grease.

"Siiiiiffffftttoooooo!!" I once again called.

Sifto started licking, I drew the pan out slowly.

He followed.

Nearly out!!

Nope, Sifto changed his mind.


Sifto began licking the pan once again.

His head came out of the hole.

I quickly grabbed him and before he knew it..


Sifto was out of the sink cupboard.

I let him lick the pan while saying he was a good kitty. (Although I was thinking otherwise.)

So, how Sifto got there is he squeezed himself through the place by the dishwasher, and then couldn't get out.

I took this awhile ago.
He looked dead. But no, he's quite a happy cat, making me stressed out about him going into the roof, or in the bathroom sink.

I like that cat.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Baggy eyes.

I was baby sitting Kaleb, Kaitlyn, and Levi from Thursday to Friday.

The night time was the hardest.

Kaitlyn wouldn't sleep. She got up, went to the bathroom, went back to bed. And repeat. And repeat. And, once again, repeat.

She not only got up by herself to go, but she got up when Kaleb got up. (Kaleb only got up twice.)

Finally, I went to bed.

Kaitlyn was sleeping.

I quietly got into my covers and fell asleep too.

At 11:30 I was woken up. Not by a little kid saying they needed to go pee, but by Louie.

Louie is Matt and Joanna's cat.

Well, he laid right beside my face purring. Then he began licking himself.
Then he licked me.

I pushed him away, thinking that he'd leave.


He came right back to me, purring, and once in a while going, "Merrow!"

I pushed him again, harder this time, and to my joy he turned and began walking away.

Once again....nope.

He hoped right on Kaitlyn's bed, purring.

I was up in a flash but careful not to wake Kaitlyn up.

I grabbed Louie and put him outside the door.

"Merrow! Purrrrr...Merrow!"

(Note; Kaitlyn's door cannot close.)

Louie pawed open the door.

He came right up to me again. "Merrow!'

This time I picked him up, took him downstairs, and put him on Matt's chair.
I went back upstairs, crawled into my sleeping bag, and shut my eyes.

Ah, sleep was nearly upon me when.....

"Merrow! Merrow!"

Before Louie could open the door, I launched myself to it and held it shut.

*Scratch Scratch!* "Merrow!" *Scratch Scratch!*

I put my hand out and whacked him.

He rolled on his back, purring.


I whacked him a second time. but this time he thought it was a game. He wrapped his front paws around my arm and softly chewed. ( I still have the scratches he made! :P)

"Louie! Get! Hissss!" I tried hissing, remembering our own cats who run if you do, but Louie didn't care.

Kaitlyn stirred. I froze. Louie meowed again.

When I was sure Kaitlyn was asleep, I took Louie, went downstairs, and put him in the bathroom.

Once again sleep was nearly on me, when, "Merrow!"

I got up right away, grabbed Louie, took him downstairs, and put him outside.

I went upstairs, and fell asleep.

Kaitlyn woke up tree times that night, and tried to get out of her room. Joanna kept putting her back in bed.

In the morning, Patrick told me I was supposed to lock Louie in the bathroom.

Don't you think the information would have been useful the night before, Patrick?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Tea on a Roof?

Sometimes people mistake my name for Tee-Ann-Ah. Not because they mean to, but it depends on the accent of the person.

I also have been known as Tee-On-Ah. No. That is not my name either.
The proper way to say my name is Tee-Ah-Na.

Mom tells a story about when I was first named. I was the eleventh child, and Mom was delighted with the originality of my name. Tiana comes from "Christiana" - a Christian (which I am!) and Ruth, my second name, means "Friend"... so my full name means Christian Friend.
I was 10 or 11 years old when I was told that.

Mom loved that. She proudly told her friends the name of her new baby girl.

One of them, when finding out my name, asked, "Why would you name her Tea on a ROOF?"

Mom was crushed.

But, I love my name. I picture two friends, sitting together on a pretty roof-top, sipping tea.
Or, sisters.
My sister and I often sit in the living room, drinking tea.

I love tea. I would like to try having tea on a roof. That would be fun.. I think..

Well, I hope I do a good job on this blog and don't bore you to death!