Saturday, November 6, 2010


Okay, I just published "Yay!" as a blog post. Not much 'yay' there.
And it's not a very enthusiastic <--I just totally spelt that right- 'yay' either.
Although the exclamation point suggests otherwise.

Darn you, ever so happy exclamation point who laughs in my face because your oh-so very exclamation-y and I'm not.

Because I'm tired.

See there? I didn't put an exclamation point. I put a period.

Period is my friend.

He gets to the point.

He ends.

Exclamation point doesn't.

But period understands.


I'm tired.

I can't believe I'm still typing properly. Without my head falling on the keyboard which would look like this. asdlj'.,';lwpodlakjfwoiea,/

I'm tired because of two reasons.

1. For four days I didn't get to sleep because of a stupid cold.
My nose was both runny, and stuffed. I couldn't suck in and I couldn't blow out, but man it was running like crazy!

2. Work.
I had to get up at five after going to bed a 9:30-ish, then got home late and got to bed late. Then I got up at seven for piano lessons.

That night I also went to bed late, and got up at five again. And that sleep I had that night was the BEST! Then last night I went to bed...I don't know what time. I had a good sleep, but was woken up at eight-ish because I was supposed to go help a curtain sister move far far away.

Now here I am.


And blogging of all things to do.

And listening to the Star Wars theme song.

(BA...DA...Na na na NA na, na na na NA nuh, Ba nuh na naa..)

I'd post pictures but I don't want to.

I'm not even writing about anything interesting.

But...*yawn* I'm.. okay..


Good night.