Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy belated birthday, Linda!!

Yes, I know yesterday was her real birthday, but I couldn't go on the computer to write anything!!

This is about the only picture I could fund of us together. That's sad.

Feel the love.

Did you wish her a happy birthday? If you didn't...

...she'll stalk you!
Happy (belated) birthday Linda! :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Just a quick note, that title has absolutely nothing to do with the post.

Okay, so..

Today I realized how silly I am!

When I make tea, I always squeeze out the teabag because I like my tea to be tea and not coloured water.

But I never use a spoon to do it.

I use my fingers.

I grab the super hot teabag out of the cup and begin to squeeze it with my middle finger and my second finger.

I then yelp in pain because poor little fingers don't always like to be pressed on a boiling hot teabag.

As I flinch, I transfer the bag from on hand to the other, then I squeeze with my middle finger and thumb on that side.

After doing that I wait a second for the heat to wear off.

..then I do it with my thumbs and second fingers on both hands!!

Then I throw the used teabag out and shake my hands.

I sigh happily as if that stuff never happened, then I take my tea, and drink happily.

(But, for some strange reason, I never do it to Dad's tea or anyone else's. Only mine.)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ookay, so I admit...

I'm an awful blogger. :P

I have nothing to write, really. I'm boring. Very boring.

And yet you're still reading. Hum.

I had some fun with Micheal-man today. The day before yesterday was his birthday, he turned 6. *face screws up trying to make brain compute*

I was teasing him today, saying he turned 5.

"Well!" I said happily to him in the kitchen, "Aren't you glad you turned five?"

"No, I turned 6." He calmly said.

"You...turned...5." I said, acting confused.


"OH! -five?"

"No, six."

"You mean you'll be six next year." I said, nodding my head.

"Si-ix." Micheal said in a sing song voice.



"OH! I get it! You're....seven!"

"*Sigh* Six."

I turned to Adeena. "Micheal's seven, right?" I asked.

"No, he's five." Adeena said, giving a look that said 'doesn't everybody know that?'

"See? Told ya'. Five." I said triumphantly.


"You're mom said you're five."

"I turned SIX."

"Oh oh oh oh!!