Thursday, March 25, 2010

I think the teapot is empty..

Well, that's as much as I can remember from being little. Those were the best tea parties ever.

Elena and Christopher and I don't usually have them any more. With the fancy cups or the teapot or the milk holder. We have tea together though.

I would say to Elena 'Come sit with me,' and that meant 'Grab a tea and come talk at the kitchen table or in the living room.' And Critter tags along to see the fun.

There's a lot of tea spewing. I can keep it in the mouth, Elena, well, can't. Just when she takes a gulp I say something, which, I might add, is not one bit funny, and BAM!
Thar she blows, matey! I always get my full share of tea even if I don't have my own tea.


We have tea at the table a lot. Every morning, mostly. Or in the afternoon when we're not busy.

We don't always chat. We play games. Sometimes we use English accents -mostly me-
or be someone crazy-usually Elena-
Christopher just sits and laughs, sometimes adding in a comment.

We've done this in front of the nieces and nephews before.

(....And they repeated some of the funny things we said over and over and over and over...)

I had a 'tea party' the other day with Stewart and Emma and Ava. I sat and poured tea, the kids drank. It wasn't really a party.

Well, there.

There's lots more where those come from, but I can't remember any right now.

Final words,

I love tea.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ahem, now to continue the story of tea:

Now Christopher was big enough not to spill his tea. He could join Elena and I.
Trenton too, 'cause it wasn't fair if Elena got a husband and I didn't. Of course, the two boys did it gladly. All they had to do was dress up in a suit, -mostly an old coat, or shirt- and a tie, -one of dad's clean black socks,- a hat,- a cap, anything really.- And sip tea. The girl's made it all.

We had pleasant conversations. About the latest news.

"OH! Did you hear? A boy was taken by a bear!"

"Yes, I heard. Recently he's been found though. Perfectly fine."

"You don't say!"

You know, that kind of stuff.

Of course then Christopher would say something silly, like,

"He turned into a bear, I heard!"
And Elena and I would say that that was impossible, and to drink your tea and use your napkin!

Critter only talked if we asked him a question, and said something that was about him after that.

By now we're evil to each other. >:)
Elena went away, so I put salt in her tea. I went away, Elena put pepper in mine. That kind of stuff.



Sometimes I had tea parties with my doll's and stuffed animal's. They didn't like tea, though. Nor the snacks I made. Where's Elena when you need her? Maybe Christopher? Trenton?

And then Becky and Emma came.

I mostly was the ones dressing them up, and getting everything prepared. Elena got the boys ready if they wanted to play, but the usually just played lego with Elena.

It was so much fun with Emma and Becky! Still is, when I do give in to their pleas and say "Go ask Granny!"

They make up cute little stories and copy what I say.

Me- "Oh, and yesterday my son got married."

Becky- "Mine too."

Emma- "My son's gonna get married, but not yet."

Becky- "Yeah, my other kid is going to get married soon."

Me- "And my daughter recently gave birth."

Emma- "Me too. My daughter did too."

Becky- "Yeah."


That's how it is when I played barbies with them too. :D

Well, that's it for now. I'll write another post about tea soon. Really. I will.

Monday, March 22, 2010

One lump, or two?

Well, I've come to the conclusion that my blog is called "Tea On a Roof", but how many posts' have I made about me drinking tea?
So, because of this realization, I will write about my tea drinking life. I have no clue how long this post'll be. Just sayin'.

The word 'tea' was never complete without the word 'party' for me.

There was nothing I loved to do more than beg Mom for a tea-party.

Of course, you can't have a tea party without people. Elena here we come.

Somebody big would have to get the tea pot down, the milk holder, and the sugar cup.

Next was the asking of using the ever-so-special tea cups. "Only if you're extra extra careful" was the reply we normally got.

I'd grab my all time favorite, the one that still is my all time favorite, and Elena would grab hers.

We'd have to have a snack to go with it, of course. Cheese, apples, anything we could grab and convince mom we needed.

We would need a tablecloth, and a fancy thing right in the center. Mostly fake flowers in a vase.

One more major detail, out clothes.

We HAD to dress up. It was special. Sheets, pillow cases, mom's shoes, and ta-da! You're a fancy lady wearing a million dollar dress.

We're ready!

I still remember the two BEST tea parties ever!

Linda, Daniel, and Patrick were our waiters and waitress. They did what ever Elena and Critter and I told them to.

I think Christopher had 9 cups of tea, I had about 12, and Elena had about 14.

We could order tea, and coffee. We also had lunch to go with it. Linda and Dan and Patrick would call us Ma'am, and Sir.

"I'll have another cup of...hummm.. coffee please."

"Right away ma'am."

It was awesome!

Also another time, Dan and Pat joined us!

Daniel was my husband, Patrick was Elena's.

They dressed up, drank tea with us, and ate with us.

The best part, Mom played music and we danced! It was the best ever!

Well, that's one post. I'll write another post about tea too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I hope this'll be longer than my other post..

We have a copy of "The Wizard of Oz" upstairs.
I like that story.
There's a dog, a lion, a tin-man, and a scarecrow. Oh, and of course Dorothy.

But, there's something wrong with it.... the last two pages are missing. You're reading it, and just as it's nearly to the happy ending-- Well...

The last words are, "'Good gracious!' She cried".

That's it.


You don't know whether or not she lives. You know everyone else lives happily ever after, but what about Dorothy and Toto?

"'Good gracious!' She cried as she realized that the shoes didn't work."

"'Good gracious' She cried"?? And..?

" they all died"?

" she realized that the lion was really a man-eater waiting for the right moment. The lion then ate everyone and lived happily ever after."?

What happens?!?!

I'm dying to know the ending!

"..And woke up. She knew now that it had just been a dream. She is really Nancy Drew solving a mystery about cupcakes. The End."

We need a new copy.

"Dorothy closed her eyes. She tapped her heels together three times. Suddenly she was twirling fast with Toto. 'Good gracious!' She cried.".......


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm out of tea bags!!!


We're out of regular tea! And I'm stumped of what to write about in a blog. That's kind of funny.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I can't wait 'till spring!

Today it almost smelt spring-y.

I love the smell. That fresh, clean, happy smell.

I love the look. When the grass is green, the trees are getting their leaves, and the flowers are first appearing.

Spring will be here soon. So very, very soon.