Thursday, September 22, 2011

Call the witch doctor!

*pretends to put thumbs through suspenders* Weeeeell. I've decided it was high time to write a blog.

*insert sarcastic clap here*

Though I must say, for all the time I haven't written a blog nothing really new has happened. Except maybe...I'm taller?

Oooh! I have a demon chasing me around!

That sounded odder than I meant it to. Hum. Sorry.

What I meant was,

I have a rooster who hates me! *chorus of children going "yay!"*

Walter. Walter the Rooster. Don't call him Wally or he will find you.


a couple of months ago mom bought some little day old hen-chicks. (Pullets?)

And I LOVED them 'cause they weren't the regular yellow fuzzy chickies, they were brown, and black, and white and probably other colours but I don't wanna sit here and try to remember it right now.

Soon, the henchickpullets got too big for their temporary pen.
So we moved them. (What? Noooooo...)

Oh my yes we moved them outside in a new pen. And they kept gettin' bigger and bigger and bigger until they were about the size of a small shoe.

I was the first to notice one of our ladies was not a lady at all.

Elena was skeptical, but I was sure. So I named him Walter. I would say "Good morning, Walter!" and "Goodbye, Walter!" and "My, Walter you looked better everyday!" and "Call me sometime!"

I loved Walter. I scattered food for him, and told him he was a fine looking rooster, too.

Then he started to cock-a-doodle!

It was ADORABLE! He sucked at it!

It sounded like,


Well, it sounded like Homer choking Bart Simpson in a mower while eating something.

(What was the picture that popped into your head? >:) )

And, even though he sucked SO bad that it made me flinch to hear him, I would always yell "GOOD JOB, WALTER!!"

But all fun and games ended a while after that. I don't remember when he first chased me, but I remember the second.

It had been made known to all at home that Walter hated me.

One day Linda was grilling something and I was walking to her. I turned and saw Walter like, twenty feet off, so I went "Come at me, bro!"


The booger chased me!! I screamed "HOLY HE'S COMING AT ME!!" and ran to Linda 'cause for some reason Walter only hates me. Not Linda. He's a nice chicken when Linda's around.

Linda laughed at me. So did I. At me. 'Cause it was funny. And I wasn't wearing shoes so I couldn't kick him or anything.


So I have a demon.

Now I'm all like "Game on, Newbsta!" which Walter hates.

Can't kill 'im though. I don't know why. Maybe 'cause I still like the stinker. I dunno.


I'm sure there's a lot more new stuff than that. I'll just have to remember it.

*taps fingers on desk*


That's all.

She gone!