Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Tea on a Roof?

Sometimes people mistake my name for Tee-Ann-Ah. Not because they mean to, but it depends on the accent of the person.

I also have been known as Tee-On-Ah. No. That is not my name either.
The proper way to say my name is Tee-Ah-Na.

Mom tells a story about when I was first named. I was the eleventh child, and Mom was delighted with the originality of my name. Tiana comes from "Christiana" - a Christian (which I am!) and Ruth, my second name, means "Friend"... so my full name means Christian Friend.
I was 10 or 11 years old when I was told that.

Mom loved that. She proudly told her friends the name of her new baby girl.

One of them, when finding out my name, asked, "Why would you name her Tea on a ROOF?"

Mom was crushed.

But, I love my name. I picture two friends, sitting together on a pretty roof-top, sipping tea.
Or, sisters.
My sister and I often sit in the living room, drinking tea.

I love tea. I would like to try having tea on a roof. That would be fun.. I think..

Well, I hope I do a good job on this blog and don't bore you to death!