Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tiana's Dream Blog.

(There you go, Sarah.)

Okay, so. This blog is going to be about an actual dream I had last night. For those of you who don't know, I have crazy dreams that make no sense.

I also dream in colour. Just had to throw that out there. Aren't I special?

Anywho, so, I will ( once in a while ) tell you a crazy dream I've had. It could be from the night before, or when I was five etc. etc.


So.  It might be a little confusing, because it probably jumps around a lot.



There was a party going on at David and Kate's. (what are the odds of that happening?)

Jarred Swaslkjdfeful was there, apparently we were meeting him or something like that.
I don't remember all who were there, but I do know that Adeena, Heather, Sarah, Linda, Jared, Daniel, Haley, David,Kate, Mom, Jeff (yay Jeff) and possibly other people.

Now, I didn't SEE most of you, but I knew you were there. Because, seriously, if David and Kate throw a party of course you all are gonna be there. Except Rachel, apparently. She wasn't there. Or was she? I don't know. Let's say she was so she doesn't miss out.

Oh, and other people from SoC were there.  It was like a LAN party-thrown-by-David-and-Kate-meet-Jarred-party.


We were getting reading to have a sleepover (I was in a sleeping back and I had a pillow) and I was talking to Jarr-Bear Waffles, because Linda went to get a drink.

I hit Jarred with the pillow, I don't know why, but it was funny at the time. At least he laughed.

Then Jay came in and said it was time to go pressure-washing, and Haley and Elena had to come in the truck with us.

But, Haley, Elena and I were not allowed to go through the front door. We had to go our the doggy-door. Which was tiny.
Jay managed to go through, though.  Go figure.

I didn't want to go through the door first, because I wasn't wearing my proper pants. I was wearing different ones, and I was afraid if I went first the would rip. Going last somehow prevented that.

There was something about water in there, too. I think somethingorother was flooded. But that's not important.

I got outside and began to get in the truck, but realized I'd left Jarred all alone. So we all went back inside. Through the doggy-door. And the floor had gravel on it. Wet gravel. Probably from the flood. I was worried about my pants. My new pants.

I went back inside and got in my sleeping bag. Aaaaaannnndd.


That's all I remember.

Interesting, eh?

This concludes the first ever blog-post of

"Tiana's Dream Blog!!" Da da da da DDDAAA!