Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bubble bath babes.

Heather was gone to take Nathan to hockey. The big people were watching a movie, and Elena was playing with Quinlan and Critter, so I was left with the two girls.

Ava wanted a bubble bath, and, figuring it would keep her mind off of her mother, I gave her one.

( She's quite happy to have a beard :P )

She had four toys. That ninja turtle, the Barbie, and two boats.

She dunked the Barbie and ninja turtle under the bubbles, swooshed them around a bit, and then brought them back up.

She squealed because they had soap on them. So I showed her the -much ignored- boats. I showed her that you can fill 'em up with water, and then dump it onto the Barbie and Ninja.


It washes off! I invented a new game! I'm a genius!

I wanted her to get her hair wet, so I tried to trick her into doing it.
"Ava, are you dumping water on their heads?" I asked.

"Yess." She said, not even looking up from her task.

"What about you? Can you dump water on your head?"

"No." She said, quite firmly, too.

"Why not?" I asked, wanting to know what she'd say.


And that was it. She dropped the subject. I got her hair wet by brushing it, though.

Of course Emma had to be there. Before I started the bath she was trying to convince me she needed to have a bath, too.
But she wasn't done her food.
She posed for this. Before she was in her blue sweater. She said, "Wait!" and quickly threw it off. "Get me now!" she said.
She didn't smile, though.
I have a picture of us three wearing 'beards'. But, Daniel doesn't want me to upload anymore pictures. >:l

Even though Emma and I weren't in the bath, we had fun!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another post about cats

Sifto is a great animal. I must say.

I love that cat.


Why is it that cats are attracted to a place they're forbidden?


Today Ava wanted a bath.

I gave her one. (of course! :D)

Suddenly I hear a scratch, then a shuffle, then another scratch.

I sag, knowing were that cat is.

I go to the left hand sink and open up the door.

There's his paw, and there's his face.

"Siiiiiiffffttooooo!" I call sweetly. I didn't want him crawling up anywhere.
'Okay, his head is there, I can get him through.' I thought.

I grabbed him. And he pulled away. For a minute I just held his scruff, and he just stood still, gently pulling against me.

Finally I let go. I didn't want to hurt him.

I ran out to the kitchen and grabbed a pan full of hamburger grease.

"Siiiiiffffftttoooooo!!" I once again called.

Sifto started licking, I drew the pan out slowly.

He followed.

Nearly out!!

Nope, Sifto changed his mind.


Sifto began licking the pan once again.

His head came out of the hole.

I quickly grabbed him and before he knew it..


Sifto was out of the sink cupboard.

I let him lick the pan while saying he was a good kitty. (Although I was thinking otherwise.)

So, how Sifto got there is he squeezed himself through the place by the dishwasher, and then couldn't get out.

I took this awhile ago.
He looked dead. But no, he's quite a happy cat, making me stressed out about him going into the roof, or in the bathroom sink.

I like that cat.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Baggy eyes.

I was baby sitting Kaleb, Kaitlyn, and Levi from Thursday to Friday.

The night time was the hardest.

Kaitlyn wouldn't sleep. She got up, went to the bathroom, went back to bed. And repeat. And repeat. And, once again, repeat.

She not only got up by herself to go, but she got up when Kaleb got up. (Kaleb only got up twice.)

Finally, I went to bed.

Kaitlyn was sleeping.

I quietly got into my covers and fell asleep too.

At 11:30 I was woken up. Not by a little kid saying they needed to go pee, but by Louie.

Louie is Matt and Joanna's cat.

Well, he laid right beside my face purring. Then he began licking himself.
Then he licked me.

I pushed him away, thinking that he'd leave.


He came right back to me, purring, and once in a while going, "Merrow!"

I pushed him again, harder this time, and to my joy he turned and began walking away.

Once again....nope.

He hoped right on Kaitlyn's bed, purring.

I was up in a flash but careful not to wake Kaitlyn up.

I grabbed Louie and put him outside the door.

"Merrow! Purrrrr...Merrow!"

(Note; Kaitlyn's door cannot close.)

Louie pawed open the door.

He came right up to me again. "Merrow!'

This time I picked him up, took him downstairs, and put him on Matt's chair.
I went back upstairs, crawled into my sleeping bag, and shut my eyes.

Ah, sleep was nearly upon me when.....

"Merrow! Merrow!"

Before Louie could open the door, I launched myself to it and held it shut.

*Scratch Scratch!* "Merrow!" *Scratch Scratch!*

I put my hand out and whacked him.

He rolled on his back, purring.


I whacked him a second time. but this time he thought it was a game. He wrapped his front paws around my arm and softly chewed. ( I still have the scratches he made! :P)

"Louie! Get! Hissss!" I tried hissing, remembering our own cats who run if you do, but Louie didn't care.

Kaitlyn stirred. I froze. Louie meowed again.

When I was sure Kaitlyn was asleep, I took Louie, went downstairs, and put him in the bathroom.

Once again sleep was nearly on me, when, "Merrow!"

I got up right away, grabbed Louie, took him downstairs, and put him outside.

I went upstairs, and fell asleep.

Kaitlyn woke up tree times that night, and tried to get out of her room. Joanna kept putting her back in bed.

In the morning, Patrick told me I was supposed to lock Louie in the bathroom.

Don't you think the information would have been useful the night before, Patrick?