Monday, February 27, 2012

Kitchen cleaning

      Sometimes when I'm cleaning the kitchen, my imagination gets the better of me.
I might start dancing as if I won So You Think You Can Dance, or I might pretend I'm on some kind of show where it's my job to clean the kitchen.
But mostly I'll be my Alter-Ego, Herashiana. Herashiana is an alien who is deaf but can hear through the bottoms of her feet. And she can solve crimes.  So when I'm Herashiana, cleaning the kitchen starts out like this:                   


And it slowly escalates. 

                                                    I'm kicking the dirt. GRIM IS A CRIME!

         *insert heroic music here* 

But, sadly, that's not how I actually look while cleaning the kitchen. 

                                                                That's more like it.



Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Weeelll, I changed my blog. Though, if you're so dumb that you didn't notice that you shouldn't be reading my blog anyway. Get out you stupid creepo.

I like the new blog look (even if it is a bit orange), 'cause it's different. Nice and a new colour. And bananas. You can't have a world without bananas. And I don't know what I'm talking about.


Let's move on. 

I enjoyed my other blog look. When I got it I was like


                                    But NOW since my new blog makes me all like

            Elena's hilarious redonkulus photo of her typing on the computer was the spur I needed to stop being such a pictureless blog. So now you get hippiepaintpicturesofmeandpossiblymyfamily pictures! *cheer*
So, now that I've been shown how to put my pictures in the white space that words appear in when I press letters on plastic, you'll see a lot more of my writings. I'm so so so sorry.