Sunday, July 28, 2013

A few awkward days at Rona.

Well helllllooo! 

It's sure been awhile, now hasn't it?  
Did you miss me?
You missed me.
(disclaimer: you probably didn't miss me.) 


As most of you know, I've been working at my new job for a few months now. 
I often come home with nothing exciting to talk about. People bought stuff, and I ran it through the cash register. That's basically my whole day. 

But there are times while I'm working that some things happen. Whether hilarious, rage inducing, or embarrassing. (but mostly when I get home I forget about them and then they just stay in the back of my brain)
I'd like to tell you about some of the interesting things while I work. 

Mostly when people come through the doors, John (coworker) will greet them by name.(if he knows them)  But instead of saying a greeting back, people will just say what they're looking for. Just once I'd like it to go like this:

John: "Hello Bob!"
Bob: "Bird feed."
Me: "No, that's John."

There's been a few awkward moments. After I hand someone their receipt, and they're scooting on over to the door I'll say "have a good day" "goodbye" etc. But sometimes my brain (and theirs) are having a particularly bad day.

Me: "Good bye!" 
Them: "No problem you too!"

I'm pretty sure we both want to die at that point.

Or it will be awkward because we'll both say "have a good day" at the same time. Then there's a long silence as they walk away. That's when I wish I could crawl under the counter. 

At times I'll see a certain something about a customer that I like, but I don't really think they'd appreciate me saying "Excuse me, sir, but may I say how much I LOVE your ears? Like, totes adorbes. THEY STICK OUT MAN."
 And then that man never returned to Rona again.  
But really. I mainly keep those things to myself. 

Another awkward thing, some people, you ask for Air Miles and they'll go slack jawed and stare at you with dead eyes. And you're just thinking "It wasn't a trick question. Do.You.Have.Air.Miles?"
A few will come too when their brain realizes what you've asked, and then they'll say "Oh yes!" or "Oh no!" and then you can continue with your life. 

A lot of the time I almost *almost* break peoples' hearts. I'll ask for air miles, they'll say "oh yeah!" and start digging crazily in their wallets, struggling to grasp the tiny blue card. And when they finally manage to get it, and hold it up with a look of triumph, I want to say "Well we don't." and then finish the transaction with a straight face.  

Today something happened, and I felt like a blondie. 

A man came in and said "Do you hav G9 bulbs?"
I, being my tired blondie self, said "oh no we don't have bulbs."
He meant light bulbs. Not the flower. I never wanted to punch myself so hard in the face than at that moment. 

So yeah.

Those are a few things that happen. :} 






  1. This made me smile, Tiana :):):) So I'm REALLY SORRY I haven't written to you in so's been like a year. I will be writing you really soon. I'm from Texas so that's my excuse.

  2. So, DO you have G9 bulbs?

    I might want one.

  3. If you do punch yourself in the face, video tape it, please! Also, complimenting people is wonderful, makes them feel good, and even if you turn into a beet, it's worth the smiles.

  4. This made my day. I'm glad you're still sassy. :D