Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tiana's Dream Blog.

(There you go, Sarah.)

Okay, so. This blog is going to be about an actual dream I had last night. For those of you who don't know, I have crazy dreams that make no sense.

I also dream in colour. Just had to throw that out there. Aren't I special?

Anywho, so, I will ( once in a while ) tell you a crazy dream I've had. It could be from the night before, or when I was five etc. etc.


So.  It might be a little confusing, because it probably jumps around a lot.



There was a party going on at David and Kate's. (what are the odds of that happening?)

Jarred Swaslkjdfeful was there, apparently we were meeting him or something like that.
I don't remember all who were there, but I do know that Adeena, Heather, Sarah, Linda, Jared, Daniel, Haley, David,Kate, Mom, Jeff (yay Jeff) and possibly other people.

Now, I didn't SEE most of you, but I knew you were there. Because, seriously, if David and Kate throw a party of course you all are gonna be there. Except Rachel, apparently. She wasn't there. Or was she? I don't know. Let's say she was so she doesn't miss out.

Oh, and other people from SoC were there.  It was like a LAN party-thrown-by-David-and-Kate-meet-Jarred-party.


We were getting reading to have a sleepover (I was in a sleeping back and I had a pillow) and I was talking to Jarr-Bear Waffles, because Linda went to get a drink.

I hit Jarred with the pillow, I don't know why, but it was funny at the time. At least he laughed.

Then Jay came in and said it was time to go pressure-washing, and Haley and Elena had to come in the truck with us.

But, Haley, Elena and I were not allowed to go through the front door. We had to go our the doggy-door. Which was tiny.
Jay managed to go through, though.  Go figure.

I didn't want to go through the door first, because I wasn't wearing my proper pants. I was wearing different ones, and I was afraid if I went first the would rip. Going last somehow prevented that.

There was something about water in there, too. I think somethingorother was flooded. But that's not important.

I got outside and began to get in the truck, but realized I'd left Jarred all alone. So we all went back inside. Through the doggy-door. And the floor had gravel on it. Wet gravel. Probably from the flood. I was worried about my pants. My new pants.

I went back inside and got in my sleeping bag. Aaaaaannnndd.


That's all I remember.

Interesting, eh?

This concludes the first ever blog-post of

"Tiana's Dream Blog!!" Da da da da DDDAAA!



  1. Rachel probably left early because parties at David and Kates go wayyyyyy too late.

    Methinks yer excited to meet Lindas Jarred eh? Me too, but I'm not dreaming about it. Goes to show a once vivid brain gets emaciated by time and children. :-P

  2. You were in a sleeping back?!?

    That's some scary stuff. :P

    Poor Jarr Bear. All alone. Good thing you went back. Through a doggy door. Through the wet gravel. In your new pants.

    Yeah. Your dreams are normal. ;)

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